Welcome to the Cobourg &
East Northumberland Chapter
of the Architectural
Conservancy of Ontario

Help Preserve Our Rich Legacy

The ARCHITECTURAL CONSERVANCY ONTARIO was incorporated in 1933 for the preservation of the best examples of architecture in the province and for the preservation of its places of natural beauty.

The ACO encourages the establishment of branches to monitor local communities to keep heritage emergencies from developing. Branches focus on local issues and programming opportunities, as well as recruiting and supporting local members.

The ACO Cobourg & East Northumberland Branch has focused on preservation, education, outreach and awareness building. The branch has put on lectures, walking tours, tours to other towns, displays, posters, postcards and newsletters.

Upcoming Events

2024 ACO C&EN AGM Notice

2024 ACO Cobourg & East Northumberland AGM Notice Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the ACO Cobourg & East Northumberland Branch will take place on Monday, May 13th

2024 ACO Heritage Awards

2024 ACO Heritage Awards Nominations are now open for the 2024 ACO Heritage Awards! We want to hear about the outstanding people, projects and initiatives in our community. Visit acoheritageawards.ca for more info

Cobourg House Tour 2024

Cobourg House Tour 2024 The Architectural Conservancy Ontario Cobourg & East Northumberland Branch Cobourg House Tour returns! When: Saturday, June 1st, 2024 Tickets: $35 Scroll down the right column for ticket purchase locations. Tickets

Through education and advocacy, to encourage the conservation and reuse of structures, districts and landscapes of architectural, historic and cultural significance, to inspire and benefit Ontarians.